ATM Audio, Inc.

ATM Audio

ATM Audio specializes in providing sound and lighting design, sound reinforcement services, lighting services, and audio installation contracting for event promoters and venues requiring high sound quality and minimal visual footprint.

ATM Fly-Ware
  • Co-founded business startup.
  • Created brand known for high-quality and specialized services targeting corporate clients and religious institution clients.
  • Designed, implemented and managed operational policies and procedures including human resources, training programs, quality control, and inventory asset management.
  • Managed long-term service contracts with client venues.
  • Engineered audio systems and loudspeaker systems for various venue types and uses.
  • Bid and project managed contracting operations for installations in religious venues, office venues, and entertainment venues.
  • Acquired partner stock ownership through negotiated buyout.
  • Managed marketing and sales to grow business at a rate of 15% – 25% year-over-year and further define customer base to more profitable sectors.
  • Divested business as a lease-to-own structured purchase agreement.